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Simple Vanilla Creations

Vanilla Bean Chili Crisp Crush

Vanilla Bean Chili Crisp Crush

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   Our Vanilla Bean Chili Crisp crush is made with the highest quality of ingredients for an authentic chili crisp experience but dry. We add our vanilla beans in with salt to tie all of the flavor profiles together when applied to your dish. People don't associate vanilla beans with cooking and they are missing out. A lot of the top chefs in the world integrate vanilla beans in their dishes while larger companies avoid authentic vanilla beans to cut costs. We blend all of our spices together and perfected the ratio of each spice to enhance your dishes. 

This crush is fantastic on noodles, rice, meats, pizza, or anything that comes to your imagination. It is an extremely versatile topping for many dishes and people fall in love with the texture it provides food. Our chili crisp powder features powdered garlic, blended fried shallots, vanilla bean powder, ceylon cinnamon powder, Szechuan chili peppers, and salt. This product is sugar free, and ingredients are sourced locally. Our vanilla beans are certified organic from Madagascar.

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